The meaning of life without work

In one way this is an intriquing article. It gives another perspective to the discussion on AI and jobs. But there are some things I, myself, am bothered with.
I am bothered by the way the article gives the impression of technology as an unstoppable force: As something, we have no way of altering. Such naivete shouldn’t exist anymore. Inventions and technologies are always political and shaped by the current dominant positions.
Then, related is a diminished understanding of religions and even meaning of life. In someway I feel this too is affected by the technological view. We can, of course, compare religion (or meaning of life) to computer games, but we should acknowledge that they exist in two very different domains. One is artificial and simplified; the other is something which reach we may not be able to fathom fully. I'm not religious in anyway or direction, but I find it alarming if we start to contrast our inner lives to computerized simulations. (There is a difference of the discussion of the reality and our presumption of how life should be structured by cultures and (as of now) the discussion of how virtual reality shapes our life.)