Kruks -preparation meeting for establishing a new art & tech association in Finland

How is technology used in art? In which way could you use modern technologies as your artistic instrument? What is the role of digital art? Is there a digital divide in arts? How is digitality understood? How is digital life reflected in art?

A meeting to get prepared to establish a new association focused on Art and Technology

Date & Time: Wednesday 18th november, 18-20. Place: in Helsinki, TBD

Welcome to a preparatory meeting in which we discuss how to establish a new association to operate in the field of Art and Technology. The idea of a new association has been initiated by the ‘Kruks’ workgroup that started operation in 2015. The association will be based in Finland and open to all persons operating in the field of Art and Technology, for instance interactive (new) media art, digital/electronic art, video and media installations, robotics, automation, media archeology, media theory, maker culture, or in new emerging fields of Art and Technology.

The association is planned to gather together artists, theorists and makers, to make the field more prominent in the Finnish art scene, and to participate in public discussion and influence public awareness.

Why a new association?

There are many organisations in the field of media art in Finland, however there is still lack of an association that focuses on interactive art, or Art and Technology, and is open to all persons operating in this field.

In this meeting we will talk about the upcoming operations, see a draft of the rules of the association, and discuss what will be the name of the association.

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