Arduino books about iOS and wearables

During this year I have been reviewer in two, kind of an interesting books. (If you’re into code and Arduino)They have been just released and are available as ebooks or as real books.


First one, Arduino iOS Blueprints by Fabrizio Boco offers nice array of projects explaining how to get your Arduino talking to your iOS-device. It was a joy to review this book as the examples were simple but interesting and the book offers a slew of different techniques, it evens tells how to create your own iBeacons if you are wish.

Other book Arduino Wearable Projects, by Tony Olsson, deals in some extent with wearable electronics projects, as the title suggests. I must say that it is not the most wearable focused wearable book, but if you like learning different techniques by following clearly instructed projects, then it is quite nice.