Digi-grasping article out now!

One of the significant questions in digitality for me has been, and is, the experience of it: How do we experience the different digital signals, processes, algorithms, nonhuman actors, that establish, create and modify our digital surroundings? Is digitality really an out of body experience, meaning we can't grasp it with our being? Or could there be embodied digitality? Not virtual, or augmented reality, but can we comprehend the digitality in our everyday lives?

Moreover, if we could describe digitality as embodied experientiality, could that change the discourse of digital society?

If these things interest you, I am glad to tell that an article I wrote together with Mikko Dufva, that has been sitting under review for a while now is finally published in the Futures-journal. In this article we define a concept of digi-grasping as a way to discuss embodied digitality. And thanks to my University, it is open access one so anyone can read it!

Here’s the link to the article: