Imagining Alternative Future Economies

A few weeks ago my brother presented our artistic take on visualizing, - or maybe, artistically interpreting, different economic systems at the think economia conference. He also did an excellent blog post with a video of the presentation:

Here's also the abstract of the presentation:

Our current neoliberal economic system has attained status similar to technology: that it is seen as an unstoppable force, almost similar to nature forces, which has to be obeyed. At the same time it becomes increasingly clear that current macroeconomic models are broken. The underlying assumptions of technological determinism and the neoliberal idea of ever continuing growth should be reconsidered in favour of a more human and sustainable economies.

In this article we look at three suggested or emerging economic models: local econonomies, sharing economies and platform economies. We analyse the metaphors and myths associated with these models and identify the similarities and distinctions between them. Through examining these three models, the aim is to offer a wider view of economics in general and explore what kind of language and terminology is required to make sense and transition to these new economies and avoid the flaws in current economic system.