Algorithmic content creation and the neoliberal hypercapitalism

Writer and artist James Bridle recently posted an article on Medium in which he describes the strange and abusive world of children's youtube. The article as a whole is worth a read, and I strongly encourage you first to read that and then come back here.

In short, what Bridle describes is the strange and often sick world of the postdigital condition, what I could name digital capitalism, where digital technologies are being used to quickly create content in order to get page-views to get ad clicks to get money.

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Creative Coding at the art & craft school Robotti

I am currently working on an article concerning creative coding at the Käsityökoulu Robotti (art&craft school Robotti). Robotti is a non-profit organization that offers teaching on art&tech for children. 

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Grasping the digital

A Recent article (not yet published) I wrote with my brother examines some of the difficult questions raising from the increased use of digital technologies. For example, digitalization can be seen to act as an almost mythological buzzword for progress. But, what does digitalization mean? How do we live in the digital world?

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